Checking my pop skills.

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  • Holy crap this awesome Anrde Beautiful work :)

  • this is awesome good remix

  • Very nice.... love it!

  • I will not participate. Thanks anyway ;)

  • I dance on this remix ! too good, mostly the vocal cut =Þ

    But can you participate ?

  • Quick update on the bassline. It should be more centered and balanced now.

  • I really like that one! especially 0:14 to 1:30 (I think this part is more like House hehe) the rest is great, too ;)

  • Thanks! I have some trouble maintaining the key. But since this is not a submission, I am cool.

  • :) !

  • love the bass riff!

  • ehehe u have found them !!

  • Love the overlying chords, vocal cuts are genius!

  • Very beach rave. I like the vocal cuts.

  • Will said skills pay the bills? The answer is yes :)