Cover of track 神社 by shpsky
  • about 1 year ago
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shpsky, 神社

  • piano

most likely unfinished

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    it's embr about 8 months ago

    i have missed so many of these

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    dronealpha about 1 year ago

    revelatory Daniel. fantastic density if that makes any sense. the sonic mass per cubic audition space ratio is just so. when i was a kid sometimes frightened i would sleep on the floor next to my mother's bed, and i remember this dense dense silence that came from the immensity of space unvisioned (such a strange place to find beauty in the recollection of the fear in my four year old heart) thanks for stirring this magic up brother.

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    floydpjasper about 1 year ago

    awesome stuff:) makes me think a bit of aphex twin's "ambient works"

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    shpsky Republished about 1 year ago


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    inver about 1 year ago

    okay... wow..