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  • yes. very AM stuff ;)

  • hypnotized @_@

    nice track man _o/\o_ high five!

  • hey sumad! this is really awesome, love it :)

  • Excellent, André. I've always loved the minimalist stuff based on electronic percussion.

  • Relentless!!!!!

    : ^]

  • drilling into my brain :) super cool sounds

  • Cool, G1m8:)!

  • Very cool!

  • Dat Waveform

  • Love the beat !

  • You have a unique way of making me really enjoy this style of music when I normally don't. Dig it !

  • hey is ja cool, ich bin sogar als contributor dabei. der track ist echt klasse, gefällt mir sehr gut. :)

  • cool droning sounds... VERY industrial. cool.

  • Thanks!

  • Nice song.