We are all created from the Death of ancient stars

So we are Quite Literally "dust in the wind" Stardust that is.

I stareted this track in Audio tool about month ago Feb 9th to be exact. What happened was i logged out on accident. and could not save my track and had to transfer the midi over to ableton before i closed the app so that i didnt loose it. I debated Posting this on audiotool since i didnt create this in audio tool . But aftyer i tried to upload it to soundcloude and it got all mucked up and sounded like shit. so since i started this in audio tool i decided to go ahead and post it here. the pads and the leads sounds pretty much the same as i had it in audio tool . thats how good audiotool is :) i always planned on doing the bass lineds in massive anyway :)

My next track will be an all audio tool track so pleas stay tuned

there are a couple spots where i used a loop or two from loop masters. Like the vocals and a bass line or two. But i cut them up Real nice and Worked them over real good to make it my own.

The majority of this track and the music was created without using premade samples. Freeze track FTW. 32 different synths in this

any way Enjoy this tune:) its probably my best Dubstep song in the main stream stytle.

This is my first EP ready song .

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