i've grown distant from music lately

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  • i cri

  • dang this is gooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • still an all time fav

  • still an all time fav

  • im going to be 100% real with yall, this will forever be the only track that has actually gotten a lot of people emotional.

  • this song really got me thru hard times

    on some real shit

  • This actually gets me emotional, no joke. Audiotool was in its prime when this came out. Now it's full of sort of good music and shitty trap makers. I miss the good old days...

    • i'm tryna make music like the old days

    • The idea of a riot is a little cringe-worthy;

      A. It sounds like the solution to a problem much larger than a music-making website.

      B. It would just be a riot for better music, and that's something you can't really yell at the devs for.

      Creativity needs to naturally flow and people should just focus on making something that sounds good to them and only them. There is bound to be someone out there in the world that will enjoy what you make, when you really put your mind to your work.

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  • Throwback

  • this song gets me thru tough times

  • I legit get goosebumps listening to this man

  • Yk

    best time to listen to this is when your out on a bike at night


  • this is the best song on the website change my mind

    • this is definitely one of the top for me, it's euphoric and evocative. hesitate to make anything #1 though since so many amazing pieces of music on here

    • yeah that's true

    • renegade still exists

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  • 2015-2016 At where the best years ever