Cover of track Stare at the Sun (Titandub Remix) by Titandub
  • about 8 years ago
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Titandub, Stare at the Sun (Titandub Remix)


A remix i had a ton of fun with i sped it up and changed the trance pads to my style and changed the main chourus a little bit!

It was not to much of a change but i hope you still enjoy it

Thanks to Uprising for the original great song!


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    about 7 years ago

    that was an amazing remix... ALL HAIL TITANDUB!!! (im new on this website)

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    about 8 years ago

    i forgot to fave and comment on this not sure how i missed it .. Looks like the guy that remixed your mix of my song just copied you lol thats a good sign means you did a good jerb lol

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    Dustin Ross

    about 8 years ago

    awesome remix!

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    about 8 years ago

    i like the changed synths ;O great job!