AR-180 will most likely be a combo of new tracks and good old ones, to be sold in stores or something.

Also, RIP summer 2015-2015

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  • refav

  • well infy raped the charts of all time

    • i got no idea bro your guess is as same as mine

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  • This takes me back to when i first joined AT

  • oi

  • i usually skip the intro but i just couldnt do it here

  • sold in stores, dammit, i wish i could get it for free, love this song, first thing i favorited i think, wish i could download it

  • this song is so fucking great

    its literally a chore to not stand up and dance

  • Thanks for inspiring me, by the way.

  • I have a few questions to ask by the way, if you don't mind, though.

    First, how long do you work on chords?

    This sounds so professional, but I know fro experience, that that takes more than music theory or synthesis alone.

    Also, are those only chord tones at 2:49 built from the preceding arp?

    The melody there sounds so— necessary in your mix.

  • Simply amazing.

    Where are you selling this? Because I need it, lol!

  • I just had an EarGasm, dude this is really impressive. I am really diggin your music right now dude!! Is there anyway I can download this to listen to? Because this is the type of music that would make my whole day better.

  • this is a great song dude

    you did some really great work on this.

    keep it up

  • I just realized the waveform looks like a sword XD, well a little bit like a sword anyway :D

  • great song love it

  • very good melody and a generally good track,keep up the spirit=)