Hey Guyz Whazzup???

Here I am with another song. There's a little story to go with it.

I'm actually creating a Manga/Anime with a main character who has a tragic backstory, between her parents' death, to her foster parents' death, to living on the streets, doing what she can to earn some money, and be able to survive, all while keeping a dream of hers alive. She strives to be a graphic artist one day, such as I do myself. She is one day sent a strange letter, one that changes her life forever...

ACK! I've allready said too much! No more spoilers for you! Allthough, for those who ever read my Desciption, I'm a HUGE, I mean, HUUUUUUGE SEGA fan. I currently have a fanfiction with both original characters, and fan made ones.

Disclaimer: If you hate Fan character x Original Chahracter, this is not a story for you! Now before you give me that look, in my defense, all you anime lovers have your Fan Characters, and then ship them with the hottest guy/girl in the series. Dont lie I know you do. My Weeaboo senses are tingling XD (I say I'm a weeaboo, but I'm not a full blown out one, But I'm no Otaku)

Lemmie see... If I can get 20 requests to see the story, I'll post a link to the first four chapters. How does that sound?

Thanks for listening, and remember to OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND

-Yours truly, Sylver_Rykamotoku

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    about 3 years ago

    read the bio and i would probably buy that story just sayin