First electro mashup on AudioTool.

Since now I'm officially in love with AudioTool, I'll try to use this beauty to explain the concepts of music to all interested fans. Soon.. :)

Till then, try messing around the notes here.. using the Tonematrix. There are 4 default note-patterns I've drawn. Turn the AudioTrack on/off in case you feel like playing around tehe Rhythm / beat creator below. Adjust mix of rhythm fx (reverb/phaser) using Splitter.

Sorry for the messy layout, but this is my first project on AudioTool. Just been an hour on this site, and I'm addicted. :)

~ RokZRooM

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    about 10 years ago

    I will modify this project for next 2-3 days, while trying to explore the AudioTool.. and once done, it'd be your turn to mess it up. ;)