It can perceive things that you can't.

I tried to make some psytrance/psybient a while ago, made a draft, but considered it too dead for completion. Now I'm so glad I brought the draft back from the dead. I consider this my best track to date.

I like my psykick sample.

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  • make more , more ,more, super!!!

  • every once in a while i come across a track that i really really like. this is one

  • Republished

    Changed the mixing.

  • Finally! I've been looking for a kick like that!! Only I didn't know it was called a psykick. :D

    I've been trying, then I heard this and I was line, meh, screw it, i'm gonna use his sample. XD great, great stuff.

  • Lol, this reminds me of "Sandstorm" by Da Rude

  • ohh nice :D this reminds me of some of the epic soundtrack to the Matrix films, like epic 90s psychedelic trance. if you get a chance could you also check out my latest track? thank you :) Our Happy Place (Perdita VOCAL Remix)

  • Pretty good, check my last song "Haertbreaker" I think you can't like it ;)

  • Amazing track man, those bass tones are rly good!!!

  • magnifique !

  • i make such a thing and no one would like it , thats the way i am famous . LOL

  • Yes, Infy. I traced the waveform of the right channel using Adobe Illustrator so that it could be stretched and rotated without loss.

  • really awesome percs, pads are unique.

  • PS is your display pic of the Psykick sample? lol

  • Sounds great.