Cover of track i don't know anymore.. by mwh
  • about 4 months ago
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mwh, i don't know anymore..

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    abstract about 4 months ago

    miles davis - blue in green -> j dilla - life -> you except this is pretty much just j dilla - life. I'm assuming you're ignorant but this is pretty much just what dilla already did, which was add a hip hop beat to the piano intro in blue in green

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      mwh 4 days ago

      lol i sucked at taking crit

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      keaton 1 week ago

      this is the worst comment I've ever read jesus fucking christ

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      mwh about 4 months ago

      im sorry it bothers you that i used the same sample as dilla, i only used it because he is a inspiration.

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    Asianeyes 3 weeks ago


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    mwh 3 weeks ago

    1300, love you guys!

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    mwh Republished about 1 month ago

    changing the cover of most of my stuff now!

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    hOof about 3 months ago

    This is the same beat he used in his song

    hate will never win, look it up

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      mwh about 1 month ago

      lol tru that

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      blu sky about 1 month ago

      ya u told us this like 20 times

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      mwh about 1 month ago

      its not the same beat either lol he stole it from j dilla and i stole it from him eks dee

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