This is @SOLACE 's birthday song, he's 13 today. So go follow him, and me also. I added some drums for the people asked for them. So yay. I also honestly can't believe there's no remixes for this! Come on, at least one person! PLEASE!

Edit: Description, Ending, Volume

Edit: Description

Edit: Description

Edit: Description

Edit: Name, Description

Edit: Description, Drums

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  • nice :)


  • remixed it

  • why does it sound like you used glitches im guessing clipping because of your drums

  • AWESOME STUFF!!! lots of edits I se hahah but I wouldve edited the limiter on this its very great!!! however dubstp isnt yourstrong point. I enjoyed this one alot thouh!!! :)

  • Republished

    FINALLY added good drums

  • I like the melody, but that kick overpowers everything else. It cuts the rest of the track out when in hits.

  • :)! sexy

  • ok I don't actually know how to link it sorry

  • Because you spammed to advertise this song I feel it appropriate to spam here to advertise my song: Vibronica Beyond

  • Why do I need one? Not every song has to have it

  • where's the bassline

  • Your spam worked, no. 1 on popular!

  • Wish granted.

    EPIC song Artemix, keep it up.

  • that is crazy but demonds you hace a great song