Trying something different here. This isn't your ordinary remix contest. The track you hear is only a demo of the instruments. I have provided 2 HBs, 2 Pulvs, and 2 Machinestes. The synths have already been setup by me, no presets, and the machinestes are loaded with a basic drum kit.

The only 'rule' to this is, you must use the synths and drum kit provided, no additional synths, no additional one shots in the machinestes. The note patterns in the track can be totally erased, you make what you want, you just have to use the tools provided. You can however add fx and things, just can't change the sounds of the synths, cutoff/resonance are ok to adjust, as is the overall BPM of the track.

I am going to give this a deadline of October 16th 11:59am (noon time) EST. This should hopefully give everyone enough time to create something they feel proud of.

Winner will have their song posted on my main page, and posted on my FB acct. (don't have much else to offer lol)

Good luck and have at it!!

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    about 6 years ago

    Yeah I was kinda surprised too, but oh well. It's not an ordinary thing, I was trying somethin different.

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    about 6 years ago

    That's a shame, no-one remixed it.