Cover of track Unscalable Sky by André Michelle
  • about 4 years ago
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André Michelle, Unscalable Sky


Discovering Heisenberg as a device for everything.

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    Fluent about 3 months ago


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    Vulkron about 4 years ago

    Hey, This is great, but you have too long of transitions. Might remix, though...

    Have fun with the Heisenberg!

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      Vulkron about 4 months ago

      oh yeah, this is was back when i was an uncultured swine

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    Vulkron about 4 months ago

    one of the more genius experimental productions if not the most

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    Fluent about 1 year ago

    42,000??? wanna donate some to me?

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      //mono_tonus.☁ about 1 year ago


      I'm astonished by the fact there's even no drum machine.

      Now this Is a masterpiece I look up to.

      This really shows how we can do almost anything, with the Heis.