Cover of track Depth (1K) by Kibbey
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Kibbey, Depth (1K)


I started getting the warm fuzzy feeling of a thousand followers when I hit 990, and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone that's followed me, everyone that's inspired me, and everyone that's taken their time to critique my work and tell me new things. I wouldn't have gotten here without you. <3


This track was one I had been working on for the album and I figured I'd let you guys listen to it for 1K. I wanted it to be the last track, so I even made a call back to leap of faith which is gonna be the first track on the album. I may still mess with this a little bit before it's on the album, but for now here's it's base form.


Again, thank you all for 1K! It's been an honor to entertain you guys (not to sound like I'm quitting, still gonna be here for a bit ;]).

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