monotonically increasing

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  • can't believe i missed this one

    str8 head boppin

  • Very nice.

  • fucking perfect!!!!!!

  • I'm a little bit in awe of this.

  • Thanks! I still like this track as well :)

  • refav

  • Nice vibe u created.

  • Love the progression, very nice

  • Increíble mezcla, gran tensión en ese corte del medio, hermoso sintetizador. Amazing track.

  • hah that sounded so dorky.

  • refav. love this so much.... love the contrast of the short repetitive chords loop and the slowly growing atmosphere. so much energy, so memorable... i want to close a banging set with this track one day ;)

  • Always in awe of your huge sound from small setups.

  • refäv

  • Techno at it's finest!

  • Thanks you guys. I think this track deserves an update soon to keep the drops alive. I published a bit too early. I am glad you like it already!