Cover of track Wave Echosystem (250+ follower milestone) by Polygon Cube
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Polygon Cube, Wave Echosystem (250+ follower milestone)


Well here it is my good people, the final milestone, the last goal in my list, the gift i give to my beloved followers and all who come after them upwards until the end of time.


Why is this the last milestone you ask? Well, while i could continue making milestones every 50 followers, i would instead like to put aside these goals and focus on new goals i have in mind, some of which aim to help the AT community, such as tutorials...

Also is the fact that, having reached what i initially thought difficult (or impossible!) i have not much left to prove to the certainty of popularity.

Just by the fact that you enjoy what i make brings a crescent smile to my grinning face :)

On a final note, i would like to inform you that, as of this song, my wall is now being upped and refurbished, to make it look nicer and more tidy.

Cheers to all! Enjoy!! :D

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    Austin Finnashare Erickson about 4 years ago

    Hey Polygon i know its been a very long time since ive been on here...closer to more then a year, but you were my first follower and the first person i followed! I love the piece! and a very congrats to you on the milestone!

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    Polygon Cube about 5 years ago

    thanks Ventus, left another response in your wall :3

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    Wayward Ventus about 5 years ago

    Dude this is wonderful! Extremely chill, great vibes! You have to tell me how you made that beautiful intro though! That was a masterpiece to start out with! Also (though a bit late) congrats on the milestone! I hope I become as well known on this sight.

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    ATHeat about 5 years ago

    As always. A pleasure.

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    kung pao about 5 years ago

    great...checking out all of your stuff the last hour or so. great stuff