Cover of track dotaki.'s 400 remix comp / sample challenge by ★Dot [here for drama]★
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★Dot [here for drama]★, dotaki.'s 400 remix comp / sample challenge


Cover Credit: (link is only visible to registered users)

Rules: (EXTENDED UNTIL July 23rd)

1. Use these samples, and yes you can remix them in any genre.

2. Anyone can collab on this. Just do it.

3. Any Genre (related to lofi, trap, hiphop)

4. The best ones I'll feature in the Corona beattape.


1st Place: Sub to my Youtube.

2nd Place: Buy my stuff on bandcamp - including as bumpers vol 2.

3rd Place: Send me LO-FI invites.

*I'll mention those that make a SICK remix out of any of these samples.

4th and below are honorable mentions

Get it? Got It? Good.

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