Cover of track xavrockbeats- 1988 ft. Nionsomnia by Nionsomnia
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Nionsomnia, xavrockbeats- 1988 ft. Nionsomnia


Just some rhymes I threw together. Loved the beat xav made. It spoke to me. Since I only added to the beat by samples I don't know if I can call this a remix but, thanks for making it remixable!

Peace and Love everybody.


Fuck an intro for the speech

88 miles, when the gas is cheap

I ride low like a midget in a jeep


88 miles wanna meet?

We could talk bout how the world we see can change by the frequency on TV.


This time has changed and rearranged the mindsets

You hear the same sound even when its a different headset.

Need a new bed set.

My dreams are too big for now

Is the sun in the sky?

Or is it chilling on the boiling ground?

What the Fuck is a nationality?

We're all human and we got mortality

If we fall high could face fatality.


So I chill with the Windows down.

Stare at sun as I ponder on if I could still be strong if it soon goes out.


The devils alive but doesn't chill under the ground.

He's in the form of lost people tryna keep the society down.

Check it out.

My ex said that

"You better make sure that you love the next girl as much as the shit that you write."

She was right.

I fucks with music cause it fucks with me too

Like 1988 I keep it all original true.

But this new world?

Is loose

Yes it's true

What to do?

G M ooh?

In the drinks.

In the soap,

In the foods.

Its not loot. That the powers that b want,

Its your soul.

And so I spit these fuckin bars until they turn into gold.

This is a true story told.

Know yourself and save your soul (x4)

Like eighty eighties these people are going crazy and wondering where music will end up 29 years from now.

Instead of living out every single one moment like tomorrow ain't comin

I could've ran out the house when you said

That rap was dead

But never the mind I still got the time right inside my head

Yeah when you said,

Hip-Hop was dead

No never the mind I still got the time right inside my head

So where's your fuckin cred?

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