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lildill, Xeron's DnB / Dubstep Remix Competition


Hello Everyone and welcome to first ever Xeron remix competition! First off I wanted to thank any of you that favorited my track 'Encore' and help get the song on popular. Anyways to the remix competition:

Description of track: This track is a heavy drum and bass track. In its current state it does not contain a lead but contains the bass, sub, drums, vocal, build, and fx.

Your job with the remix: Your job is to turn this into a full fledged song (No shorter than 3.00 minutes long)


> The song must have a melody

> The bass in the drop must be used at some

point in the song.

> The Knife Party vocal effect must be in there

> The song must be at least 3.00 minutes long

and no longer than 6.00 minutes long.

Most important rule!: Have fun when you are making this. If your not having fun with it then why are you doing it. I really wanted to just see what you guys could make with this. I really hope you guys can have some fun with this.

Genre rules: Whatever you frickin want :D

Notes: If you really want to impress me with your remix the first thing you could do would be to take the track cover and insert you name into it.

Also the final product of this track will be uploaded to my soundclound and it will be a collaboration between me and you! Also you wil l get to help me make the name.

Lastly if you enjoy this song please favorite and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask in the comments below or post me a question on my wall.

Also I want to thanks all the contributers and aBstracT for the inspiration on the bass.

Thanks for listening,


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