Cover of track Where Did You Go? (produced by TRVSHMVN) by TRVSHMVN
  • about 6 months ago
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TRVSHMVN, Where Did You Go? (produced by TRVSHMVN)


A Lil Peep inspired beat

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    about 6 months ago

    If you're aiming to something with the guitar vibe, you need to add some reverb to the drums, specially on that snare and that hihat, and you really should add a kick, and well, the guitar isn't from u, sooooo, try to do your own sounds and you will be better

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      about 6 months ago

      I appreciate the constructive criticism. I wasn't really aiming for much. Like I told you awhile ago you can slap on like 5 note tracks and be done. I haven't really fucked around with any of the other plug ins either so. I guess I'll try to figure everything out