Waves After Waves After Waves

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  • I can't believe this track is 5 years old! I love this so much.

  • the picture fits the track perfectly!

    those early percs!!!


  • godly

  • I keep coming back to this one ever since it was published. Id say it's one of your best track ... voluptuous!

  • your tracks him me in the feels mannn <3

  • refav

  • I saw u speak dutch :) Geweldig. This song is too good. If u can make this in 6 hours while programming u practicly can do anything.

  • Can I favorite 1000 times?


  • Absolutely love it :)

  • honestly Andre this is simply waaay tooooo gooood not to listen to for that you just got your 130th fav by me:)

  • @aron not necessarily. It all depends on the song, which in this case is very good and deserves to chart. I like to ignore any ego the user may have and just give their song a listen. Andre, by the looks of it is a pretty humble creator/ developer of the tool and is at the center of this community. Of course he charts with a great song like this! That being said great work Andre!

  • charting on your own website is like the king winning the "coolest citizen of the year" award

  • great!

  • Whooooooooaaa.