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  • i like.

  • Oh, now I know what it is.

  • my goodness, this is great

  • classic

  • what is that vocal sample ? pls tell me thats a synth

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  • im on dxm rn lol

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  • This whole comment section is a train wreck I did not know existed

  • classic

  • AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH found it it was well worth the surfing of old trap charts

  • tbh, i think a majority of people faving this is because its laevent, and because they dont understand what an lfo modulation is.


    If this song came up in my feed normally, i dont think id like it.

    its a little too abstract.with the only thing keeping it sane is the kick and snare. its so mid heavy, its difficult to make out the bass in the first bit and without the pads from the second section it feels really unorganized and muddy.

    BUT other that those little things, its a solid track <3

    • omg I keep seeeeing theeese hahaaaa!!! I actually fell for the first one I saw

    • I don’t fuck with popular tracks on audiotool bc I don’t rlly like the chill shit

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  • i want to learn how to mix kicks like this

  • this is the kinda trap that there needs to more of on AT

    • omf

    • But Vulk, Why not do both?

    • If you wanna make it big in the music industry: mixing > creativity

      If you wanna create amazing works of art that a lot of people will appreciate: creativity > mixing

      its really just a matter of what you wanna go for

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  • holy fucking moly shit

  • hhh i love this way too much