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You steady startin' them arguments
Lookin' for everything but it really was not me
I don't wanna play with your heart and shit
Look at my ex for experience, see what I seen
All my life, all these bitches turnin' on me
Just a whole lot of real niggas on my team
I was sittin' and I was just thinking
Do it for you, would you do it for me?
I'm helpin' you but you not helpin' me
She wanna pull up, give me company
Fuck around, I take that bullet for you
Baby, are you takin' bullets for me?
Got fooled by the looks, she a pretty-ass ho
In reality, she a silly-ass ho
When we get in the bed, she a litty-ass ho
See the money, gotta make a move, get it, let's go

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