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audiobar, is a bar like no other. My aim is for audiobar to be a bar in which nothing but audiotool users tracks are DJ'd.
First I need to advertise for a "pilot" event I will be hopefully holding in 2013/2014. To do this I want to create a video in which I will explain what audiobar is, why I'm doing this and the where and whens. However, I need some seriously awesome audiotool music for a backing track...Competition time.
Winners in no particular order are...
Amusia - Solace in Solidarity
Teqtoniq - Omega
Arche3.0 - Empty
Zone - audiobar
Daftburgen - Travelers
Daymo - Left of me Ft. Tara Carrick
Artemix - Conversion
Lionson - Arrival
Fynn - Kaos
Tornsage - Heart Raven
Thank you to all other entrants, your tracks were amazing and it was genuinely difficult to pick ten. I just had to work out what I could imagine working with for video ads. Again thank you.
Keep following me and I will keep you posted on all further developments!
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