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I am a Weird Music Producer that likes any music genres but somtimes i have standards for the songs that play. and i've been on here since 4 years ago learning and getting better and better as i progress every day and year to one day become a professional music producer and sound producer. I also have problems of making music, but i have to learn from it to proceed to get at that level.
Black n White
haven't been on
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."XX na kanojo no tsukurikata 2" from KISS...dont bother asking,its a random act from boredness.. :/
My favorite dubstep
-(Teminite - Evolution)
-(Skor - Midnight Rush)
-(Savant - Invasion)
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV (sexy, love the music and the video)
:) Yamiton is a name that popped on my head...

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