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Esco [Moving to FL]

Whisper "Esco" when you call me.
Open to collabs!!
If you tryna network
Find me on:
Instagram: @1.800.esco
Twitter: @http_verde
Snapchat: @EscovsEsco
Honorable Mentions:
These are the bros fr!
@josh_cool (moving to FL) (This is my producer twin)
@★KCTheProducer★ (Dumb cold wit the beats, always a party when we link)
@HBK♡Beats* ( blows the roof off with 808 tech)
@エĐⱤłⱫⱫɎ Ø₦ ₮ⱧɆ ₮ⱤӾӾӾツ (We definitely need more collabs)
@✨PlayboyFlex✨(On FL) ( His work on AT is MINDBLOWING! Blessed to have worked with him)
Thanks to you all for making these 4 years on AT some dope years. To many more!

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