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Feel free to spam my wall! And I'd love to have a serious collab with someone more experienced than me some day, seeing as there's a lot of things out there to learn, and the best way is working with others, I think!
On a more "Idontgiveafuck" note, if you're a total noob, or even an amateur noob, which is less experienced than a regular noob, and you ask for constructive criticism, don't fuggin' get bummed out when people tell you to stop only producing tracks with spliced loops and samples and such things like that. Git Gud fam, and you'll notice a difference.
I'm always willing to give advice wherever I can. I believe that if you truly want to help an aspiring artist out, and they truly care about their music and getting better at making it, then they need pointers, and too many creative people get swept under the rug in this world. I'll like it if I do, and if I don't I always try to say why.
Uhhh, not sure what else to say, but I love to learn so please feel free to comment on anything I have public because I very much appreciate feedback.
As always, thanks for listening!
Stay classy, San Fran!

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