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"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill
Hi I'm DJ_Lozza and I'm 10 years old (believe me please).
I hope you love my music and audiotool itself.
If you fail you try again and never give up!
I love comments on my song saying how I can improve.
Here are some people who can only be described as Swagalicious Gods:
@FuZeツ [REMIS CMOP] - nicest person I know and is really awesome
@TteeraBeats(Leaving) - really encouraging and supportive also really nice to me
@ApoC - just too awesome
@ATИ [rmxComp.exe] he said I had "great potential" which meant a lot to me and was my 10th follower
@RiMi makes really awesome tracks and also is really nice

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