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Novice, Christian producer (I found out who I really was) makin' Christian beats.
now I'm on sound cloud (http://soundcloud.com/titus-12)
If you are not a Christian and would like to become one you can in 3 easy steps:
1) Belive that you are a sinner
2) Belive that Jesus died on the cross for all our past, present and future sins (yours, mine and everybody that has ever lived or will ever live)
3) (my favorite part) Beleive that He rose on the third day
Man... there is still so much to learn but I know I will have fun as I grow as a musician.PLEASE COMMENT and be completely honest because that is the only way i will know if i'm improving or not.
New Goal: Get 35 Followers
thanks for listening audiotoolsmen and women
P.S. if your a new comer like me feel free to post you're profile on my wall as long as you don't do it all the time
Please also post your new songs to @Big Brother
Artists that I think are awesome(NO SPECIFIC ORDER):
@Mikel Boyles
@Dei Servus
@Karl Vegas
(link is only visible to registered users) (flight facilities)
(link is only visible to registered users) (madeon)
Up and coming artists:
(these lists will still get longer don't worry :])
artists that deserve more credit:
(link is only visible to registered users) (Valencia Music)
If you think you belong on one of the lists post your best track and I will consider your admission
Remember Jesus is Jewish and He loves you.
Have a blessed day! :-]

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