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Hey guys! I basically LOVE (^^) Audiotool, I constantly make tracks all the time, Although, I haven't discovered anything new - i just mess around all the time. <3 Audiotool! (^^) The Alchemist knows I used to be dreamdj but then I changed my name to Aftershok and I'm happy with that. Anyway my brother, (also an audiotool user) is MCTembo and he Introduced me to audiotool. I've been cecking templates from you guys so thanks: Astrum, rnzr, EliaTrix, enjoyyuorshoes, Infyuthsion, femme_robot, Sandburgen, and Olaf!!! :) (for the people I didn't put I still LOVE your songs!) By the way, If you see me starting to follow lots of people at once on your "What's happening board", that just means I'm trying to find more songs and find out more people. :)

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