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I am Last Minut35. Pronounced "last minutes", with the "35" as a spelling trick or something. Active since September 13th, 2012. Duckie and Navor shall forever be in our hearts.
For starters: Electro, Dubstep and Rock. And a few drafts.
Actually not much rock-ish stuff, just electro and dubstep. But there's rock stuff in between. Expect moar rock soon. Specially a rockstep thing in the near future. #rockmusiconaudiotool
Who I is: some guy who's here to make music. Likes EDM and Rock, doesn't disclose his name and age, doesn't follow ('cause he doesn't feel like it), DOES NOT ASK FOR FOLLOWS, but is pleased when people give him feedback and share his songs.
-Alternate Worlds
-Glowing Dark
-We Come
-Journey (the four elements)
Coming soon:
-Animiley EP
-Zerod - Mother Earth (lm35 flip)
-Ari - Twink (lm35 edit)
-Crystal Kingdom (Glowing Dark)

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