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Final Free Release will be on Bandcamp and is by T-Pone | 27/1/17
also i've got a Form for if you want to join FSStudios this way is easier for me (link is only visible to registered users)
FrostSelect Studio Is a Electronic Music Label Created By @Distorted Vortex (FL)
We are here to promote Fresh New Content as well as some old content some of the stuff that has been Promoted are like Albums, Singles and even a EP soon for already released tracks just send it via message with the track you want to promote though on AT i have to remix because AT doesn't allow samples over 30 seconds
Send us Unreleased Demos/Track Here (Also your track will be added to the Compliation Album)
fssdemos @GMAIL .com (make sure to say the artist name and song name otherwise i can't name it)
or just post on the wall (Audiotool tracks only)
Website: going to revamp it to make it look more better then what it looks like now
Co-Owner: @aeotius
Artists on FrostSelect
@Sir Nightshade (Goodbye)
Compilation Albums (all albums will be free or you can donate to support the artists)
FS001 - Fight On Glitchside (14 Tracks , 19th Dec 2015)
FS002 - Cracking Open (12 Tracks, Feburary 27th 2016)
FS003 - Darkforce (15 Tracks, 4th July 2016)
FS004 - Escape the VOID (31 Tracks, 12th September 2016)
FS005 - Malware Nights (24 Tracks , 25th December 2016)
FS001 to 005 (96 Tracks (i'm going to probably kill my internet)| Jan or Feb 2017)
FS006 - Fireflies (TBA 2017 or 2018)

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