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neek was here
Hey guys since I just hit 200 you know what that means remix comp!!!
I am a teenager who loves to make music and play football.I train hard to one day make it to the NFL as a top Defensive end. I would also like to be a music producer like or bigger then Noah "40" Shebib . When i go to the NFL I will remember all of You guys!
@Wrayths [Dead] -NEW SONG Ebb. Neo x Budushcheye x Gary
^^^ collab group check it out we are currently working on music
If your not following these ppl do u rlly love music
@The Masses
@Wrayths [Dead]
@D a d i r r i.
Add more later
Shout out to @Xavi - Kun (FL 12) (RIP) for mlg quick scooping that 2015 comment xD

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