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I love producing music. I've been on Audiotool for about 3 and a half years now and I've really enjoyed it so far :D
Primary Goal:
To find my sound and develop my skills as an artist and producer while helping other fellow artists along the way :)
1 ƒo∫∫o\/\/er Shout out to @DubLion for being my very 1st ƒo∫∫o\/\/er!
5 ƒo∫∫o\/\/ers Shout out to @Grim Reaper for being my 5th ƒo∫∫o\/\/er!
10 ƒo∫∫o\/\/ers Shout out to @uptown for being my 10th ƒo∫∫o\/\/er!
50 ƒo∫∫o\/\/ers I love all you guys! A special shoutout goes to @Uber DJ for being my 50th ƒo∫∫o\/\/er!!
100 ƒo∫∫o\/\/ers (Reward: contest) a very special shout out to @Riarum/Cannibull for being my 100th ƒo∫∫o\/\/er! Thank you to everyone for being such an awesome and supportive community! I love you guys :D
200 ƒo∫∫o\/\/ers I greatly appreciate all of you (Even more those who take the time to listen to my music) for staying with me so long :) A big and happy shoutout to this guy for being a milestone ƒo∫∫o\/\/er :D @saturday

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