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Name: Austin
Age: 18
Occupation: Full Time College Student
Where I live: United States Of America!!!
Drink Of Choice: Orange Soda, Mountain Dew ============================================================
If you follow me, over time you will see me progress into a good electronic musician. Also I would love some feedback and advice from some of the more senior and experienced audiotoolers.
Learn how to use audiotool--- In progress
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For my name and some of my song titles, if you are wondering, they are Irish.
I am a newbie to making music in this sort of fashion. I have been a classically trained bassist for the past 9 years. I play the electric bass, and now I'm getting into the whole house music, dance music sort of thing. I am new, so if you listen to my tracks, give some feed back so that I know what to improve on. I know what they are basically supposed to sound like and all that, but the intricacies are lost on me.
Ceol ann i gach rud! Know é, agus é a ghrá! (It's Irish)
I am currently studying to become an engineer, I can't make much or be on much... and that sucks. I will try to come on and listen to people's music as often as I can though. Sorry guys...