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Newest follower(s): @Lil_mama21 (no, i don't change this daily)
Email: assassinbeats01 @GMAIL .com
Discord: AssassinBeats#1293
People I appreciate: @Kéda , @N.H.B Guywitbeats , @[N.H.B] wutho✨ , @TrappBoi✨ , @sxcond_gxn , @maj ♡ , @Vividkey , @prod.romualdo(on break) , @TɒγƧon 父 , @YUN6 7YR4N7 若い暴君 , @.✰Kéda✰.
Behold, I am ONE OF the greatest's assassin's in audiotool ( i may or may not have copied this from @shaquel_babb-lpmsq)
i'm back to fl studio, i'll come here from time to time btw
I see most of you as enemies
i technically left audiotool
Deleted account that belonged to my friend: @Kéda (why didn't nobody inform me about this?)
If you dont listen to my music, dont expect me to listen to yours excluding the homies i appreciate, they are true friends
"A man doesn't cry because he is weak,he cries becuase he has been strong for too long."
- Itachi Uchiha
Scheduled collabs: @YUN6 7YR4N7 若い暴君 , @Kéda , @☆KillNautical☆ , @⭐TG⭐dxsei , @Prod.$elly (gone)
@maj ♡ (eversince i told him about audiotool, he gotten WAY BETTER)
@N.H.B Guywitbeats (he taught me most things i know)
@Gmoney_back_home (he is back)
@⭐TG⭐dxsei (I should not exclude him)
@Kam✨(Back (I like this dude, no homo) (he is ONE OF my bests friends in AT)
@MysT[iK] {A.l.} (his submission to my remix charted)
Target list:
@Royal Blood Squad
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If i see you constantly spamming then i will unfollow

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