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The love i have for electronic music started in 1996 from "Music Intructor - Supersonic" that all you have to know it, after this all changed for me in term of the music. I enjoyed this kind of music and I like it , so all this time from 1996 and until now have my collection of songs and CD that were relevant in all these years for this kind of music . In 2011 all changed because I starded attending a "school" for DJs in Italy near Garda Lake in september 2011 and I finished in june 2012. Well I am a begginer DJ and I'm doing this For the Love of Music and it's my hobby. I have a channel on Youtube and a page on Facebook. Hope you will like and enjoy my tracks that I'm trying to do comment please if you see a mistake and comment if you like eny song. Thank you. Follow me and follow you. For contacts my email is: mikepheller @Meeshu Meeshu .com
In the last time I realease that making more remixes of the tracks I liked , I can arrive at the sound that I love, and I practice a lot with this awesome software online and I see that my work pays me with the views I haved in the last time. Thank you to all!! On this website I'm feeling like in a big family!!
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