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Music Is omnipotent. We were all born from the death of ancient stars so it is
natural that we all aspire to become that which created us.
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Name: Patrick White,
Age: ????
Origin: ????
Classification: Meat eater
Favorite Drinks: (Regular) YooHoo, (energy) NoS, (Alcohol) bourbon
My goals for AudioTool: To have fun.
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When beginning in audio tool, a lot folks like to start by using samples. this is a good way to cut your teeth and find inspiration to start working with synths. For all you folks that are just starting audio tool, Learn about Editing and cutting samples, Try to avoid using samples with a well known melody and look for neutral samples in the library. Neutral samples are samples that can be used in music with out defining the Actual song. I.E wobbles . stabs . One shots , or cut up melodies .
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