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HARDCORE [Tekno, Drum'N'Bass, Frenchcore, Psy, Techno, Dirty Electro & other subgenres]
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This record label is born with the intent of representing the Underground artist on audiotool.
For whoever is interested in partecipating at this project is free to contact me here or on my account.*
I won't publish every track proposed if it doesn't match my standard. I want that the people that will partecipate to embrace the idea that i have in mind for this label. What i want to achieve is not popularity, but instead being a point of reference for the underground community - artist and fans - of every hardcore genre.
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(creator) @yurenko
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Since i've just created this label I'm looking for a about ten artist that wants to publish regularly their tracks on here as co-author of the track (it means i'm gonna remix it adding a little something if it needs to be added, create a nice vinyl image and then publish it with all the info needed). As it has already been said, i'm lookin for hardcore, dnb, techno, psy, and all the subgenres so please propose urself if you consider suitable.
Altough these are some styles you could follow to be appropriate:
rave, industrial, tribe, mental.
(this is just an advice, i'm open minded on the style of the song, as long as its well composed and mixed, and has that touch of magic that it needs)
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*Contacts: yurenkotek @GMAIL .com or @yurenko

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