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I am a multimedia professional. I am part of a team of audiovisual production.
NT Jon is my "personality" musical. This "persona" is, almost, "another guy". Music is my pleasure! Sometimes I use my tracks for personal videos.
I really enjoy the process of creation and edition in electronic music ... In fact all kinds of music, even the classics, is a mix of sound fragments ... melody, percussion, harmony, arrangements, chords, right? Well ... everything evolves, digital tools are there to be used, without prejudice ... My basic question: Who says you can not create a good track, using only samples? Of course you can. But is also necessary know to use well the electronic tools and how to combine samples.
The good painter do not need create new inks to create new colors with good mixes. The process of creating electronic music is similar ...
The good electronic music composer knows how to make good combinations. The art is not in the tools, is in the artist.
I am a producer of electronic music that does not care about rules, genres or styles. "Techno, Acid, House, Trance and Drum 'n' Bass"... What is this? Define a genre or style is pure shit! I mix all, I am a creator of music using electronic resources. That is all!
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