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hello I'm KHIONE, I'm 20, I study Project Design, but I have a great passion to be a music producer even with the little resources I have (with a computer with a bad processor, and I'm kind of poor) and not having a lot of time to make music in this period that I am living (if you think that the songs lack some touch or something, it’s because I’m still going to start studying music theory on the December and July holidays (because I live in Brazil and the holidays are these months) and where I have more time to produce the songs, and I still have to study how to master a song and how to produce with more quality for my audience, in addition to studying music notes definitely) what I do at the moment is to have fun in productions of my songs, and at the moment I'm more focused on doing live shows (COMING SOON), and creating and combining sets with several songs, now if you like my songs and want me to produce more s, and have more focus on making music, soon I will create a bank account and a Patreon account for you to donate money so I can buy new equipment and have more resources to make music with more quality, anything you want to know more about me, about my current situation, or want collaborations, just talk to me on the wall or other media, welcome to the KHIONE universe, all the best for you, soon when you have more time, you will have my social networks

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