new to audiotool--two issues so far

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new to audiotool--two issues so far

I'm a music teacher both at a school and at a community youth chorus. We've been using soundtrap, with reasonable success. Today I thought I'd look to see if there was anything else that could compare. Audiotool was the first one I found. Went to register myself for an account.

Using chrome, I could not complete the sound quiz--the system would not accept any answers that I tried to give. Moved to Firefox and was able to complete.

Once in Audiotool, I set up an audio track. I click record, and the microphone calibration tool comes up. I click start, the beeping begins, I make noise into the microphone and wait for it to finish calibrating. I gave up after 2 minutes--surely it shouldn't take that long?

I'm looking ahead to the fall for products to use with students (approximately 300). So far (and I'm only 20 minutes into using Audiotool), these are the issues I'm encountering. I figured out a way around the first one. The second one I'm stuck on. So as of right now I can't imagine asking my students to use this, but maybe someone can convince me otherwise?

Thanks much!

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    André Michelle stays home

    4 weeks ago

    @cfrez Can you elaborate what the difference was between Chrome and Firefox regarding the sound quiz? Why were you able to complete it on Firefox and not on Chrome? Did they sound different?

    Also, I think you missed the point of the recording calibration. You are not supposed to make noises while calibrating. Please read the instructions again and come back to us, if something is still not working.

    Manual: Audio Live Recording

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    Jordi Moragues Stays Home

    4 weeks ago