Timeline recording - notes overlapping vs overwriting

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Timeline recording - notes overlapping vs overwriting


In the following scenario: I'm in loop mode let's say two bars of drums I want to record some melody notes to this I make a mistake I am waiting for the drum loop to start again and do my 2nd recording attempt The notes are added to existing (wrong) melody.

How do I achieve that 2nd loop (2nd recording attempt) overwrites existing notes rather than overlap new notes on top of them? Or maybe there is a better workflow you can suggest?

Kind regards, Damian

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    Jordi Moragues Stays Home

    4 days ago

    Unfortunately Studio doesn't have an "erase while recording" feature. The best you can do is this: Have your timeline visible, click the record icon to exit record mode after your first recording pass (playback will still continue), delete the note track from the previous recording pass, click the record icon again and play the new notes. Once you get used to this, it's quite straightforward.