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    Léo Martins about 3 years ago

    Oi,acabei de postar o preview da minha nova track, você pode me dar sua opinião sobre o que achou ?

    Confere ai Astronaut (Original Mix) Obrigado ;D

    Hi,I've posted the preview of my new track Astronaut and I would appreciate your support to hear and comment,Check out : Astronaut (Original Mix) Thank you,Peace :D

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    NoMiddleGround about 4 years ago

    Hello Astrum & Anthony Bartone! Can you give this a listen and, if you like it, a favorite? Bastille-Pompeii (NoMiddleGround Remix) Thanks!

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    Strain about 5 years ago

    Hi there,Apologies 4da extreme mass fave activity on my profile.Long story short,my wife let neighbours kid use my laptop n he went crazy on audiotool. I realize dat dis would've caused major inconvenience2 those who're following me n i see :-( tht some of em have stopped following me. Well wat can i say.... Gee is sad to lose out on the bonds of friendship on account of my stupidity. In any case, apologies to all those who were inconvenienced cause of me :-( < You guys have a great day. :-D>

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    LewiisOsbornne about 6 years ago

    nicee tunes mann!:D

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    Astrum & Anthony Bartone about 6 years ago

    hahaha.... ))))))))