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Sound Crafting with Cal Lycus | Episode 2 | Mastering a track with Audiotool

Hello everybody

We proceed with another episode of Audio Alchemy featuring Cal Lycus

As you might know Cal is eager to master your tracks by request, using Audiotool. In this episode, he provides a behind-the-scenes look at his mastering process.

He shows us some basic mastering techniques that can be utilised in Audiotool to add that final polish to your tracks.

Thanks to Taiko for allowing us to use his track: lovestory

And of course thanks to Cal Lycus

Stay tuned for more episodes!

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New Contest | Worst Track Scenario II

Enter the Bad Zone

We're diving back into the Worst Track Scenario for its epic second round.

This is your call to create the most jaw-droppingly terrible track the world has ever had the misfortune to hear... or even worse, if you can imagine that.

But hold on – we're not asking for just any 10 minutes of thrown-together noise. We want you to craft a masterpiece of disaster: think bizarre soundscapes, cringeworthy lyrics, awkward buildups – all the wonderfully terrible things the music world never knew it needed.

Excite us with your creativity in ways we never thought possible. Let's make this round unforgettably bad.

Contest ends 15. April 04:00 pm CET

Submit your tracks here:

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