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yonko was never real.elevate - best of yonko 2017-2019

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lthis is sort of a 'compilation album' of some of my best tracks that ive made and/or lent my hand to over nearly two years of me being on this site

big credits to @nwokn and @Fluent for being frequent collaborators of mine and coming together with me to create the absolute masterpieces that are in this album, i really hope we can cross paths in real life one of these days

i would also like to thank @opi for her outstanding work on 'why?', blane for lending his f i r e vocals to 'soldado', and :// for his excellent mixing of the aforementioned track

and most importantly, thanks a tonne to all of u who have supported me through this short journey

it wasnt easy getting some of the recognition i did but this community has inspired me to always work hard and never settle for less than the highest peak of quality that i could put into my music

im not all big and famous on this site and whatnot lol but i have seen my efforts bring reward on this site, whether its over 2k plays on a song, or charting #1 on the weekly synthwave charts, and that could have never happened without any of ur support, not just for my music because i didnt make a lot of these songs alone, but for underground talent in general

out of everything mentioned in this long description my appreciation for the developers and creators of this site cannot be measured

thank u so much, @André Michelle , for if it wasnt for u this site wouldnt be and hundreds of thousands of beautiful songs would never have been created or shared within such a wonderful community of absolutely beautiful souls whose undying love and passion for music has inspired me to make music less of a chore to survive, and more of a way to express my feelings and have a conversation with people from around the world through my songs

i hope to continue my presence on this site for years to come, and i hope u all enjoy this little collection of ditties

and most of all, i hope u all live long and happy lives and may ur days be the absolute greatest they can be

i love u all, and again, thank u all so much

- yonko

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    about 1 year ago

    yes please

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    about 1 year ago

    stay up dude you one of the best on here, blessed to have worked with u so much <3

    def gotta meet up irl sometime soon