Introducing audiotool

Start making music in the cloud.
Audiotool is a powerful online music production studio right in your browser. All crafted with lots of love for the small details.

audiotool Concept

Modular Structure

All of the Audiotool devices can freely be added to the app's desktop where cables can be manually dragged from input to output mirroring the workflow of early electronic musicians. This approach gives full freedom when it comes to the routing, splitting or merging of the different synthesizers outputs.

Samples & Presets

Enjoy an ever growing, community fed cloud based library of over 250,000 samples. There are also over 50000 device presets accessible through the various device's preset browsers.

Cloud Production

All track assets are stored on the Audiotool servers. This means you can access your work from any browser in the world without worrying about further software installations. This makes international collaborations possible regardless of hardware/software compatibility.



The Heisenberg is audiotools sonic wishing well. With its 4 OSCs and its massive Filter section this PM synthesizer can deliver everything from deep bass to high pitched whistlesounds. Use its LFOs capabilities to be synced via note values and you will even get this rhythmic background pattern you have been searching for all the time. Read more - View interactive preview


The Pulverisateur is a modular polyphonic synthesiser which gives you an enormous amount of modulation possibilities. Its massive filter section lets you tweak its 3 OSCs to its limits and the added audio input extends its sound capabilities furthermore. Read more - View interactive preview


The Machinste is essentially a sample player with a clear focus on being a drum machine. Its integrated pattern editor and powerful filter section are ideal to tweak your drum samples and get started with your groove. But because it is up to you to load its samples it also make up for a good FX board. Read more - View interactive preview

Beatbox 8

The Beatbox 8 offers the well known sounds and behavior of its hardware paragon of the past. This classical pattern based rhythm composer still offers a solid foundation to get your beat going. While you can still program it with the integrated pattern editor, thanks to its software implementation you can also create a note track in your arrangement for editing it like a midi instrument. Read more

Beatbox 9

The Beatbox 9 offers the same software implementation related advantages like the Beatbox 8, but it uses its own unique controls and sounds. Read more


The Bassline is another classic hardware inspired synthesizer. Unlike its name suggests it is best known for its driving hooklines which will come to life when you tweak them with the integrated filter section. After all the years it still drives people crazy on the dance floor. Read more

Mixing & Routing

Master Output

The Master Output is the final destination of your mixed stereo signal. It allows you to level the overall output, and offers its own optional Limiter.


The Centroid is the standard mixer of the audiotool app. It allows for 16 stereo channels to be mixed, while providing each channel its own EQ section. And with 2 stereo Aux Channels the Centroid gives you the opportunity to bring consistent effects to your mix. Read more


The Audiotrack device gives you the possibility to work with samples directly in your arrangement. It creates a stereo track which can be panned and levelled before being sent to the mixer. Read more

Splitter / Merger

The Splitter and the Merger are actually the same thing but in different directions. While the Splitter powers 3 outputs with your stereo input, the Merger awaits 3 stereo inputs to be merged to one. Read more


The Crossfader resembles a classical DJ Mixer. Like a typical DJ Mixer its powerful EQing section allows you to isolate those annoying frequencies in your signal and get rid of them with the kill switch. Read more


The Minimixer is a minimal submixer. Its 4 stereo channels can be panned and levelled, and even be fed into the stereo Aux channel, but it does not offer any kind of EQing like the Centroid does. Read more



The Rasselbock is a very new kind of effect device, only thinkable in a virtual environment. It is a resampler time synced to your arrangement. With its 7 built-in effect types you can shift your groove in directions you may never had thought of before. Read more

Graphical EQ

The Graphical EQ empowers you to fine tune your frequencies with 2 full range bands for the mix. With the special stereo spread feature it also qualifies itself as decent effect panel. Read more


With its 4 modes the Autofilter can be adjusted right to the frequency range you want it to operate. And the Sidechain input allows the Autofilter to be triggerd by a different input signal. Read more


With its tone and power knob the Exciter gives you an easy way of beefing your sound. If one of your tracks gets lost in the mix the Exciter is the ideal tool to give your signal the last bit of punch to stand out in the mix. Read more

Stomp Boxes

The Stomp Box Collection offers a variety of effects all layed out like known stomp boxes. From side chainable Compressor to Reverb and Delay you get a set of 13 different effects to tweak your sound to your likenings.

Stereo Enhancer

The Stereo Enhancer will help you spreading your sound in the stereo field. Added right before The Output Box as a master effect it supports you in widening your mix. Read more