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sonic3zeFANTASY EP

  • noise
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  • exploration
  • slime
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  • Mid-Tempo
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This EP honestly just explores a lot of ideas and things I felt like I need, and wanted to explore recently. I want to branch out from Mid-tempo , House, Dubstep , my usual things. So I tried out some Noise/Slime stuff. And I rather liked it. But i also tried out chill stuff. And its something I realize I like making. I'm not good at it, but i want to get better and learn. I want to try Low-fi and bumps next. But I wanna take my time with it. I really wanna experience making new music, for myself. I want to learn to produce music for myself, without fear or what people will say, or think, or anything of that nature. I should find people who are going to listen to my music with me, because I enjoy it, and I like what I hear. Not because I like what they want to hear. Or that I make what they want.

I am going to be myself. All my emotions and ideas in music. Nothing more, Nothing less.

-Girl in the photo is my S/O. She wanted to make the album art using some of her pictures, and it turned out great. I'm really happy with it. Lemme know if I should user her to make more cover art.

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    Kib about 2 months ago

    What is this? Why is this in here? lol

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    sonic3ze about 2 months ago

    This moved up on the charts? okay. cool.

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    Cal Lycus about 2 months ago

    Some interesting work here..proper variety!

  • User Avatar

    sonic3ze about 2 months ago

    oh shit this charted <3