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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: Lewi Astro

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Welcome to the first Edition Audiotool album of the year 2017. @lewi astro the other winner of „the most important election of the year“ compiled this cool album for us. Be sure to visit our Facebook to read the full interview: (link is only visible to registered users)

„Before I start, I have some honorable mentions for the following users. They would've been on this list, but I was very limited to the amount of tracks (hence I only put 1 track per user) I also wanted to give exposure to the majority of the artists on the list because they are very overlooked/undiscovered:

@le opaqity , @hvd ☁ (gone) , @Crazy about You , @Dzool , @floydpjasper , @abstract

Here we go...

1. ♛13♛by @|fwk|

„I love diversity! With this track, fwk put the perfect mix of Jazz elements with electronic synths. I just love the composition! The overall track makes me feel like I'm floating off somewhere really gloomy.“

2. Guava by @Zzzz...

„ This track is like being submerged in water and finding an underwater kindgom. I love the crisp percs, the dreamy pads, and the pretty arps that flow throughout the track! It really sets the tone, and gives it real personality. Shleepytime's production is A+ on this track, and while listening you can just tell he put so much thought, and effort into it. „


„ Sadly, at the time I heard this track, Cuddlex had already gone. Ignorant of who he even was, I was really moved by the track, and greatly inspired. As the track progresses I just get the feeling of a journey. I love the bass as it feels like it communicating and the way the lead flows through the track is so mesmerizing.“

4. Keep it….. by @Yang.

„Man! Yang, bro... He originally had 2 other songs on this list, but like I said I had to reallyyy shorten it. His consistency is just admirable. I love Yang's sense of rhythm and use of percs. He produces from a more eccentric side of Trap and Hip-Hop, and always knows how to make you bob your head. This was the track that made me really open my eyes to his productions.“

5. Saturday by @ULTRASANN

„Honestly, this is my favorite bump on Audiotool. Hands down like... Ultrasann has gems, man. However this one stood because of the way he chopped the sample to flow so smoothly, the way he incorporated his own bassline and even synths. I'm also a big fan of Lo-Fi and I just adore that filtered snare.“

6. Tropic of capricorn by @super deformed

„You may wonder why I chose this song out of every other celery/super deformed songs. It's simply because it stuck with me the most. The track though... at the time I heard it, things were slow. Time was just still. This song captured an emotional moment in my life, and for that I commend it. I still can't find words to describe it though,,, it's one of those tracks.“

7. Audiotool Day 2015 – Luxior Entry by @looks

„Simply beautiful. That's all I can say. Luxior is a true AT master. The track is just so A-class. Out of every lux song, this one stuck with me because it's really the type of sound I aspire to capture in a lot of my songs, but Lux nailed it perfectly... Amazing once again man.“


„I love everything about VLTRA. He is probably the most characterized user on the site, in my opinion. I chose this track over several of my favorites from him because of the feeling it gives off. It makes me feel really feel "in space". I also really adore the rhythm of the drums, the subtlety of the bass, and the consistency of the sample. it's not repetitive because of the variation in sound and percussive rhythm throughout the track. „

9. 777 by @Young Tree

„This track is an instant mood up-lifter. The sample is so alive and the drums accompany it really well. Not to mention Nionsomnia raps on this one! I love the segments at 1:02 and 2:25 . He just really knows how to compose music and I admire his musical intelligence. „

10. Finding the words to say to you by @sky bound zoo

„Lastly, this gem. I really wish I could find the words to say to you about your music, Joel ( pun intended :^) ). Unfortunately,"amazing" is a huge understatement.“

Artist Recommendation:

„If you enjoyed this list, I recommend checking out, @|fwk| One of the first people I followed on here (if not the first.) Super talented individual(s). You should also listen to a lot of their works from 2 and 3 years ago. and check out.“

11. V̶E̶N̶O̶M̶ by @|fwk|

Track of his own:

12. マイティー by @ mark-lewis_ndikintum

„Is a cool track by me. The words translate to "mighty" in English. I named it that, because the main pad you hear throughout the song just brings a nolstalgia feeling to me. I remember as a kid I'd always go to my basement and watch mighty morphin' power rangers on sunny Saturday mornings. I think the way the chords progress makes me think of the intro to the show - (link is only visible to registered users) - ? do you hear it? they sound sort of similiar. Idk lol.“

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    Awesome commemorations. Fantastic playlist with some new names I haven't heard! Much deserved feature...

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